German I, II classes participate in ‘Oktoberfest’


Isabelle Braun

Freshmen Kaden Herreman and Jackson Reed participate in the Grosser Atlantik dance in their M4 German I class. Both German classes had the opportunity to learn more about the German culture through this "Oktoberfest" activity.

German I and II classes participated in “Oktoberfest” on Oct. 29 during their M3 and M4 classes. The classes learned more of the German culture, and the German II class had the opportunity to try authentic German recipes.

“As a part of language, it is important to learn about the culture of what is going on,” instructor Melanie Folkerts said. “My German II classes actually had to cook their own meal.”

The students each had their own recipe, and Folkerts brought a German dessert called Black Forest Cake.

“They had to follow that recipe, so they could get a nicely cooked dish,” Folkerts said. “It was wonderful. They all had a great time, and everybody was willing to sample some really weird food.”

The German I class split into groups and had a presentation over a different parts of the German culture.

“It could be the music or the dances or the background of the Oktoberfest,” Folkerts said. “Each one created a slide, so they each have to present their slide, and then I’m going to have them get up and learn some folk dances as well.”

This is Folkerts fourth year doing the activity with her students, and she believes they enjoy it.

“I know they do,” Folkerts said. “I even had one of my German II students say ‘I took German II just so I could eat the Black Forest Cake.’ I think he also took it because he wanted to make sure he improved his German.”