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Music students share their experiences with participating in band, choir, orchestra

Music students share their experiences with participating in band, choir, orchestra

McKena McBride, Nikka Vuong, and Brenna Schwien April 19, 2021

Having an in-person school year during a global pandemic means extra steps to keep all teachers and students safe. Those steps varied widely for students of orchestra, band, and vocal classes but in spite...

A poll of 203 students showed that the school is fairly divided when it comes to music taste.

Students practice music appreciation through collecting vinyl records

Allison Brooks and Alicia Feyerherm April 19, 2021

The needle lowers after the glossy disc starts spinning. When the two finally meet the smooth sound of classic rocks fills the room. The perfect way to destress after a long day. “I like to listen to...

Junior Caitlin Leiker completes a chalk drawing on someones driveway. Leiker drove around leaving positive chalk messages for different friends and acquaintances as well as leaving drawings in front of the Hays Medical Center. Its been a pretty difficult during this time, especially for people who live alone, Leiker said. I figured the least I could was try to spread some positivity.

Students find creative ways to stay connected during COVID-19 outbreak

Allison Brooks and Alicia Feyerherm April 18, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the daily routines of students. Schools are closed and those with non-essential part-time jobs have been let go. The stay-at-home order has also restricted...

Chamber Singers give their debut performance of Thunder by Imagine Dragons at Indian Pride Night on Aug. 26.

Chamber Singers strengthen performance for Homecoming Assembly

Caitlin Leiker, Copy Editor August 26, 2019

The Chamber Singers are currently working to perfect their performance for the annual Homecoming Assembly on Sept. 27.  Vocal director Alex Underwood said the group has not run into any significant...

Director of Buildings and Grounds Rusty Lindsay discusses the condition of various building throughout the district. Lindsay mentioned the high school parking lot replacement which is currently 40 percent complete. The projected completion date is 2028.

Board of Education meets, discusses building repairs; parking lot replacement projected to be completed by 2028

Alicia Feyerherm, Staff Reporter May 2, 2019

The Board of Education met on April 29 to discuss items listed on the agenda. Best of the Best awards were given to middle school social studies instructor, Ted Foster and Savannah Clingan. “Savannah...

Spring for Music Festival prepares for Cabaret Night, Pops Showcase concerts

Caitlin Leiker, Staff Reporter May 1, 2019

The first annual Spring for Music Festival is officially in full swing. Refreshments will be provided along with the option of a freewill donation to the music department. Here’s what you need to...

Junior Delaney Maier purchases a smoothie from the Helping Hands café, Indian Grounds.  I really like going to Indian Grounds because even though Im not a coffee-drinker, they have other options like the smoothies, Maier said. Its also nice knowing my money is going to fund a student-run organization. Indian Grounds is open  between 7:15-7:56 a.m on Maroon days in the library.

Helping Hands fosters positive relationships among students

Allison Brooks and Alicia Feyerherm April 24, 2019

Beads of sweat formed on senior Gabriela Arthur’s forehead as she delicately piped a design into the frosting of a cake. “I love being able to pipe designs and put my own creative touch on the baked...

Student circle around the prize table in the outdoor classroom. Students took the slips of paper found in each of the eggs to the table to claim their prizes.

Students participate in StuCo Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt during seminar on April 17

Alicia Feyerherm, Staff Reporter April 22, 2019

Over 50 students participated in an Easter Egg scavenger hunt in the outdoor classroom during seminar on April 17. The scavenger hunt was a fundraiser for StuCo. “We decided to do an Easter Egg hunt...

Principal Martin Straub watches senior Peyton Thorell as he discusses the new devices Hays High got this year. Thorell was one of the speakers who presented the Hays High Site Council annual report.

Seniors Shyann Schumacher, Peyton Thorell, present annual Site Council report to Board of Education

Alicia Feyerherm, Staff Reporter April 12, 2019

The Board of Education met on April 8 and after approval of the agenda, Hays High Site Council presented their annual report to the board. Principal Martin Straub, Site Council President Rob Kennemer...

Senior Scout Perryman, sophomore Maia Lummus and freshman Andrea Garibay participate in the tongue twister competition on stage with René.

Spanish students attend Edgar René concert

Allison Brooks, Staff Reporter April 3, 2019

Spanish singer Edgar René performed at 12th Street Auditorium on Wednesday, Mar. 27 for  Spanish classes from high schools all around the area. The concert had many interactive elements like a tongue...

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