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How the Homecoming king and queen felt after being crowned

How the Homecoming king and queen felt after being crowned

Kennedi Fischer, Assistant news section editor October 20, 2023

Standing on the turf, with the stadium lights shining onto the field, the crowd erupted as the names “Mika Zimmerman” and “Nate Henderson” were announced as the 2023 Homecoming royalty. Zimmerman...

Despite the term ‘senioritis,’ many students feel lack of motivation

Maddie Meis May 16, 2023

“Senioritis” is a term deemed to high school or college seniors who lack the motivation to do their studies towards the end of the year due to eagerness of graduating. This term has been around as...

English teacher Vanessa Schumacher likes to decorate her classroom for Christmas along with her house. Her school decorations are complete with a mini tree, as well as festive garland and lights hung around her room. “Every year I bring [the tree] on Nov. 1, or right after Halloween,” Schumacher said. “I bring it just to be funny.”

As Christmas approaches, people who celebrate share opinions over when decorations should be put up

Reagan Bates and Mabel Braun December 21, 2022

Many people who celebrate Christmas have a specific time that they prefer to decorate, although there is a debate about when is the right time to do so. According to today.yougov.com, as of 2021, 23...

Leah Koener decorates her office at the hospital on Dec. 13, as she prepares for the holidays.

Students anticipate activities over Winter Break

Brett Rhoades, 21st Century Journalism Staff Member December 21, 2022

Waking up, looking outside and seeing the tree branches covered in crisp, fresh white snow. Running out the door to see what Santa brought you and your siblings. Seeing that the freshly baked cookies are...

Prom 2022 featuring Savannah and Spenser

Is Friendship Everlasting?

For these two students this seems to be the rare case. Spenser Mills and Savannah Lawson have been friends four around nine years total. These two junior’s met in third grade and instantly clicked. Soon...

Seniors Alex Coveney and Emry Lundy share details about their long-term friendship

Nikka Vuong, Brenna Schwien, and Ryan Schuckman April 21, 2022

As each student goes through their own self growth journey throughout elementary, middle and high school, new friends may come in go during the years. For seniors Alex Coveney and Emry Lundy, they have...

Orchestra teacher Joan Crull conducts the HHS orchestra at one of their practices.

Orchestra attends festival in Salina

Meg Taggart, Managing/Photography Editor December 13, 2021

On Nov. 19 and 20, 44 Hays High orchestra students and more than 60 Hays Middle School orchestra students traveled to Salina for the Western Kansas Orchestra Festival. They were joined by seven other...

Girls golf coach Mark Watts stands with junior Katie Dinkel after being awarded WAC Player and Coach of the Year.

13 questions with girls golf coach Mark Watts

Meg Taggart, Managing/Photography Editor November 16, 2021

1. How does it feel to have won the Western Athletic Conference Coach of the Year twice and have two of your players win WAC Player of the Year? “It's always nice to have a WAC Player of the Year...

Hiking in the woods

Should a Camping Club be started?

Cade Austin Becker, News Section Editor November 16, 2021

If Hays High added a Camping Club, I believe it would be a club that everyone in the school could enjoy. It would allow students to go outside, be active, be social and learn skills in nature and for life....

Senior Landri Dotts poses for Homecoming candidate photos.

13 questions with senior Landri Dotts

Emry Lundy, Copy Editor October 25, 2021

Senior Landri Dotts was announced Homecoming queen at the football game on Friday, Oct. 15. 1. Were you excited to be nominated as a Homecoming queen candidate? “I was thrilled to be nominated...

Orchestra students rock climb at Garden of the Gods in Denver, Colorado on Sept. 18.

Orchestra takes Colorado trip; Orchestra and Choir to hold fall concerts

Alexandra Coveney, Features Section Editor October 7, 2021

The beginning of the school year is a busy time for many students, especially those involved in extracurricular activities such as music. Hays High Chamber and Concert Orchestras took a trip to Colorado...

Hays High to perform production of ‘RENT’ this week

Maysyn Tippy, Entertainment Editor May 12, 2021

On Thursday, May 13 through Sunday, May 16, Hays High will be putting on a production of “RENT” at the 12th Street Auditorium. Tickets are available online, and extras will be sold at the auditorium. Tickets...

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