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What makes good students and teachers

Alexandra Coveney, Staff Reporter

September 30, 2020

Both students and teachers have different expectations of one another. Here, students and teachers answer ‘What make a good teacher?’ and ‘What makes a good student?’. Students, what makes a good teacher? “I think what makes a good teacher is them understanding that students make mistakes, h...

Hays High offers wide variety of student clubs

Maysyn Tippy, Entertainment Editor

September 22, 2020

At Hays High, there is a large selection of extracurricular clubs all the way from Anime Club to Tribe Anglers Club. Anime Club, sponsored by Jolene Windholz, is a club that meets after school to watch and to talk about anime. Art Club, sponsored by new art teacher Grace Splichal, is a club where...

Top 20 unique college majors

Top 20 unique college majors

Caitlin Leiker, Assistant Editor

September 10, 2020

Having trouble deciding on a college major or finding possible career paths? See if any of the unorthodox majors below spark some inspiration!  1. Auctioneering “Our experienced instructors will help you transition into an effective auctioneer. As you complete our program, you will develop an ...

Quarantine affects student sleeping patterns

Quarantine affects student sleeping patterns

McKena McBride, Staff Reporter

May 10, 2020

The stay at home order has affected student’s sleeping schedules more than one would assume. Since the national “quarantine” has begun, students have suffered a change in their sleeping patterns. According to the National Sleep Foundation, students being stuck at home, especially with low...

Chamber Singers host Q&A with Lyric Opera of Chicago prompter

As an opera prompter, Matthew Piatt works with each singer individually to help them perfect their roles in the production. The prompter also acts as an assistant conductor, guiding the performers through the music so they can focus more on their acting and technique. This means that Piatt must have every singer's part committed to memory before the first day of rehearsal.

Caitlin Leiker, Copy Editor

May 8, 2020

In order to finish out their spring semester, the Chamber Singers voted to watch and analyze Richard Wagner’s “Der Ring des Nibelungen,”also known as “The Ring Cycle.” “The Ring Cycle” is a series of four German operas loosely based on Norse mythology and the ancient German epic, the "Nib...

Covid-19 affects annual celebrations

Covid-19 affects annual celebrations

Maysyn Tippy, Staff Reporter

May 7, 2020

Multiple people have had birthdays or other celebrations that have been affected by the pandemic Covid-19. This is preventing friends from celebrating together in person, which is disappointing. In the last couple of months, people have had to reschedule celebrations or events that would have happened,...

Students provide their views on online schooling

Maysyn Tippy, Staff Reporter

May 5, 2020

Since the Covid-19 outbreak started, students in the community have had the experience of online school. That can have positive and negative effects on students. Oftentimes, students never realize how important school is to them because they focus on the homework and classes. However, Covid-19 has...

Social media constructive, yet detrimental, to students while social distancing

Social media constructive, yet detrimental, to students while social distancing

McKena McBride, Staff Reporter

April 24, 2020

Social media has been helpful to students as well as harmful during the COVID-19 outbreak. Social media can be away for students to stay connected while they are social distancing. Using video chatting, such as the platform Zoom, has become more common among students even outside the classroom. “Video...

How to stay active in quarantine

Sophmore Landon Viegra races at the Great Bend Invitational Meet on August 30, 2019, before the COVID-19 outbreak. Cross Country is one of his motives for staying in shape during quaratine.

Meg Taggart, Staff Reporter

April 22, 2020

The COVID-19 or Coronavirus has caused the closing of many gyms and other outlets for people to stay physically fit. If you do not wish to go to one of the few gyms who stayed open out of fear of exposure, there are plenty of at home or outside workouts you can do. Many Hays High student athletes...

Presidential election approaches, some students eligible to vote

Presidential election approaches, some students eligible to vote

Allison Hillebrand, Editor-in-Chief

April 17, 2020

With the presidential election nearing, citizens across the United States are becoming more involved in political interests. For students taking classes in government currently, it can be assumed that the election is a hot topic. Seniors in high school must also begin considering whether they plan...

Hobbies to undertake during quarantine

Seniors Nathan Erbert and Lynsie Hansen have created a YouTube channel called “hErbs & Ginger.”Hansen said she enjoys learning how to edit videos and watching failed attempts.

Nikka Vuong, Staff Reporter

April 14, 2020

With school being online and students staying home more often, many students at Hays High have undertaken new hobbies to fill their free time. Seniors Nathan Erbert and Lynsie Hansen have created a YouTube channel called “hErbs & Ginger.” “In starting a channel, we hoped to bring smiles...

Current fashion trends mimic ’80s and ’90s

Current fashion trends mimic '80s and '90s

Maysyn Tippy, Staff Reporter

April 10, 2020

In the Hays community, students are seeing various new styles of fashion, like wearing feathers in their hair and returning clothing styles from their parents’ eras. There have been multiple students who have thought the unique fashion from the '80s and ‘90s is cool. So, the multitude of students...

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