Concerns arise with use of social media platforms


For many teenagers currently they have grown up with social media. It has not been around long, so scientists are not aware of all the effects it has on teens. One of the most recent questions being raised is how social media has been affecting teenagers. When students are shown how it can cause emotional, physical, and psychological effects they not only agree with these findings but are concerned for their fellow students.

“I do agree that social media has changed me, but I never realized how bad it could really be until I got it. I have become more aware of how people perceive me which has caused me to put more pressure on myself,” said senior Jalynn Weilert.

One thing scientist are seeing is how social media is affecting teenagers’ perception of themselves. Researchers are starting to realize that seeing images on social media platforms causes adolescents self-esteem to be lowered.

“Sometimes just seeing the models on different social media apps causes me to think things like ‘Oh, I wish I could look like that,’” sophomore Isabelle Jones said.

Each parent has a different method of limiting social media usage based off their thoughts on the subject. Some limit screen time, ban certain apps, or take phones away. Although, as students get older, some parents give them more freedom and leave it up to them to limit their time on social media.

“My parents used to limit my screen time but have become more lenient as I’ve gotten older because they feel I’m more responsible,” Jones said. “Whenever I do start to feel overwhelmed by social media, I give myself a break from my phone.”

By the time students enter high school, many parents have decided to let the kids regulate their time online. While there are varying opinions surrounding this topic there is one clear thing. Students are being affected by social media and are concerned by the news.

“I’ve seen that ever since getting social media apps, I have not been able to go to sleep as early and tend to stay up later,” said freshman Ella Neher.

Many parents do not realize that there is any effect on their children, but the students are able to see a difference. The biggest has been how much sleep they are getting, and it is the largest concern regarding social media usage to most students. They do not always realize other effects, because they are not as apparent.

“I am sure that there are more side effects that I am not seeing right now, but I think social media still has some benefits,” Weilert said. “It is a good way for me to communicate with others.”

Every problem relating to social media is often overlooked when compared to the positives and will therefore not be thought about as much. It can be easy to ignore the problems, but students and parents must realize the lasting effects on children.