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13 questions with sophomore Tom Drabkin

Sophomore Tom Drabkin poses with his musical cast mates.

Allison Brooks, Staff Reporter

February 26, 2019

1. How long have you been doing music? "I started playing my first instrument when I was three so that would make it around 13 years." 2. What made you interested in music? "At first it was forced on me but I have fallen in love with music." 3. How many instruments do you play? "Three if you inc...

13 questions with freshman Sam Vesper

Freshman Sam Vesper moved to Hays this year from Lyons. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her cat.

Alicia Feyerherm, Staff Reporter

February 7, 2019

Freshman Sam Vesper is new student this semester. Where did you move from? I moved from Lyons, Kansas. What brought you to Hays? I moved to Hays because my mom got a really good job offer here at the hospital. What is your favorite part about Hays so far? There’s a lot more things to...

13 questions with freshman Gracie Wente

Freshman Gracie Wente during rehearsal for

Rebekah Porter, Staff Reporter

January 18, 2019

Freshman Gracie Wente has participated in several community productions and this year is part of Hays High's production of "Cheaper by the Dozen," playing Dani Gilbreth. 1. How long have you been involved in theatre, and how many productions have you been in? I have been involved in theatre si...

13 questions with sophomore Eliana Buller

13 questions with sophomore Eliana Buller

Caitlin Leiker, Staff Reporter

September 17, 2018

Sophomore Eliana Buller traveled to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota to volunteer for a week during the summer with North Oak Community Church. What were some of the things you helped with while you were at the reservation? “We helped the Lakota people there by building a wheelchair...

13 questions with freshman Landri Dotts

Freshman Landri Dotts poses for her cheer picture at Maroon and Gold. Dotts is involved in both cheer and cross country.

Anna Brull, Staff Reporter

September 5, 2018

Freshman Landri Dotts spends her time after school involved in varsity cross country and varsity cheer. Why did you decide to try out for cheer? “I decided to try out for cheer because as a little girl I always loved to watch the cheerleaders and the thought of being one was awesome.” ...

13 questions with junior Alex Indina

Junior Alex Indina practices for a forensics tournament.

Allison Brooks, Staff Reporter

May 2, 2018

Junior Alex Indina is a foreign exchange student from Germany. She wanted to come to America, because she believes travel is the best form of education and that it would be a life changing experience. What made you want to become a foreign exchange student? “I love to travel and meet new people...

13 questions with junior Peyton Thorell

Junior Peyton Thorell has been pole vaulting since 7th grade. Thorell  got his inspiration from his older brother after watching him at a track meet. He hopes to continue after graduation.

Isabelle Braun, Online Editor

March 30, 2018

Junior Peyton Thorell has been involved in track since 7th grade. Thorell participates in pole vault and has been considering continuing the track career in college. He has even been spoken to by certain colleges. How long have you pole vaulted? “Since 7th grade. That’s when I started.” W...

13 questions with freshman Caden Riat

Riat Inc. members Weston Hoskins, Caden Riat, and Steve Riat at a presentation for their company.

Anna Brull, Staff Reporter

February 5, 2018

Freshman Caden Riat started his own company in 2015, now he has made over $3,000. What is the name of your company? “My company’s name is Riat Inc.” When did you start your company? “In my parent’s garage in August of 2015.” Are you the only employee in your company? ...

13 questions with sophomore Hayden Brown

Sophomore Hayden Brown has been playing football for over eight years. This year he was on varsity.

Anna Brull, Staff Reporter

January 19, 2018

Sophomore Hayden Brown has been playing tackle football since the second grade, and started playing flag football even before that. Do you play offense or defense? “I played both this year, but I prefer offense.” What position do you play? “I play running back or slot back.” ...

13 questions with freshman Grace Rogers

Freshman Grace Rogers has been figure skating for 10 years. Since her move to Hays, Rogers has not been able to skate as much as she used to.

Allison Brooks, Staff Reporter

January 12, 2018

Freshman Grace Rogers recently moved here because of her dad’s job. Rogers spends her time figure skating and has been for the past decade. What brought you to Hays? “My dads job, he buys land for companies to put pipelines in the ground.” What places have you lived in before here? ...

13 questions with senior Tanner Eiland

Senior Tanner Eiland poses for a photo in the WebTeam class. He joined WebTeam this year.

Dawson Rooney, Staff Reporter

December 20, 2017

Senior Tanner Eiland never imagined that he would live in a small western Kansas town called hays, but when he moved here in 4th grade from Texas he realized it was always meant to be. 1.What were your thoughts on being in Hays when you moved here versus now? "my cousins were moving to Texas as...

13 questions with freshman Andrew Duke

Freshman Andrew Duke works on homework in M2 GPS.  He was working on his math homework.

Hanna Dannar, Staff Reporter

October 25, 2017

  Freshman Andrew Duke is the youngest student in most of his classes. He made the switch from going between the middle school and high school every day to being solely at the high school this year. At what age did you start taking high school classes? "I would have been 12." Why did ...

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