Students prepare themselves for their futures

At Hays High School, seniors Maggi Lindenmeyer and Devlyn Jochum and junior Jessica Feyerherm are doing what they can to prepare for college. Between applying to colleges, writing scholarship essays, studying for the ACT, and auditioning, they spend a lot of time preparing for their future.

Maggi Lindenmeyer’s senior portrait (Submitted by Maggi Lindenmeyer)

Senior Maggi Lindenmeyer is currently planning to attend Pratt Community College to major in social work, and more specifically, the adoption part of the career path.
“Some extra steps I have been taking are that I have been looking at housing applications, stuff to put in my dorm, looking for roommates, and just making sure I have all the things I need for when I go.” Lindenmeyer said.
Her dream job is to be an adoption agent to help newborns and young kids find homes. She plans to follow this career path because her mom and grandmother have found success in it, too. Both adults have helped her learn and understand what she will have to do for the job. And while she is excited for the college experience, there are stressful parts about the preparation, too.
“The most challenging part of preparing is just again finding the things I need, and I am also just not prepared to leave my family behind.”

Senior Devlyn Jochum’s senior portrait (submitted by Devlyn Jochum)

Senior Devlyn Jochum plans to have a career in the music field, such as music education or vocal performance. As a student preparing for college in the music field, it is a much different experience than it is for most other students like Maggi.
“For me, it’s mostly going home and practicing my audition pieces.” Jochum said, “I also have been writing a lot of essays for scholarships and trying to keep up my grades for school, so they look at my GPA and say, “We want her.”.”
She’s currently auditioning for Fort Hays State University, Kansas State University, and Wichita State University, but she’s waiting for scholarship offers to help her decide where she’ll go.
While she’s equal parts terrified and excited, she looks forward to seeing what kind of person she’ll become and who she might meet along the way.

Jessica Feyerherm’s junior year portrait (Submitted by Jessica Feyerherm)

Junior Jessica Feyerherm, unlike the previous two seniors, doesn’t know what she wants to go into; however, she does understand the importance of the ACT and preparing for it.
“There are just so many choices and possibilities that I want to make the right choice for me.” said Feyerherm, “I think that if any other students haven’t decided either, it is very important to study for the ACT, so you are prepared for whatever career you choose.”
Jessica has taken an ACT prep class that Hays High School offers its students, along with studying with her friends. For Feyerherm, the hardest part isn’t retaining information, but how long the test is.
“I think the most challenging part of the ACT for me is the length of the test. It helps to have time management tips and do your best not to get burned out.” She learned not only more about the types of questions that will be on the test during the ACT prep course but also how to manage her time effectively and how to stay on track.
Feyerherm is also doing extra volunteer work within the community so she can be eligible for more scholarships. That way, she can avoid future student debt. While she is undecided on her career path, she does plan on going to either Kansas University or Fort Hays State University.