Students try out for cheer team after three days of clinics


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Cheer tryouts were held on April 28 after three days of clinics. Out of the 30 students that tried out, 15 were chosen for varsity and five were chosen for junior varsity.

Cheer tryouts were held April 26.

Before tryouts, there were three days of clinics. Those clinics were held April 23, 24 and 25.

“Throughout clinics we learned a new dance and cheer that Tara Hertel made up for us,” sophomore Kaylor Meyers said. “We got to practice some stunting and jumps to get everyone ready to go for tryouts.”

During tryouts, those trying out were tested on elements that were practiced at the clinics.

“We got to be in groups of three and showed seven judges our cheer, dance, stunts and jumps we had been working on during clinics,” Meyers said.

Meyers made the varsity team and is most excited to bond the members of the team.

“I am excited to get to know all of the new people that made it this year,” Meyers said. “I am also very excited for the start of football season because that is my favorite thing to cheer for.”

Those who made the team are as follows:


Junior Alyssa Underwood

Junior Brooke Pflaum

Junior Brittany Pflaum

Junior Isabelle Pfeifer

Junior Brooklyn Burk

Junior Logan Harris

Junior Mattie Hutchison

Sophomore Avery Jones

Sophomore Kaylor Meyers

Freshman Stanna Summers

Freshman Madison Geerdes

Freshman Devin Taliaferro

Freshman Marrissa Raynesford

Freshman Franklin Owens

Incoming freshman Landri Dotts

Incoming freshman Kiana Pfeifer


Junior Varsity:

Freshman Kylie Clark

Freshman Audrey Rymer

Incoming freshman Kelly Parr

Incoming freshman Hannah Giess

Incoming freshman Jordan Lloyd