Family Studies kids parade around school


Erica Malleck

The Family Studies class took their pre-school kids around the school for early trick-or-treating.

Halloween is a favorite of many children of all ages, offering the chances to dress up as anything or anyone they want and to get free candy.

Once a week, preschool-aged children come join the Family Studies class to help the students learn about children. The students do several activities with the children such as making sure they have 30 minutes of active play time. Each student is assigned to a child for the whole year.

This year, Family Studies instructor Sue Tebo took her students and their preschoolers around the school on a Halloween parade.

Tebo said there are 28 preschoolers who went around the school on Oct. 24. Teachers were asked about two weeks before if the students could stop by their rooms.

Senior Rebecca Anderson said it took about two to three days of planning to set the even up which consisted of emailing teachers for permission and parents to inform them that their child can wear a costume.

“Instead of taking the children to the gym for active play, this is their active play,” Anderson said. “We’ll go around the school for about 30 minutes, go into each classroom, the children will be in their costumes. Teachers will hand out candy and students will show off their costumes.”

The children went to 41 classrooms, some teachers letting them come into the room to collect their candy, while other classes lined up outside in the hallway.

“I just want my preschooler to feel more comfortable around other people and not just me all the time,” Anderson said. “So this might help him get out of his shell.”

Senior Alex Hagerman said everything went smoothly with the kids having a wonderful time and that the teachers enjoyed seeing the kids dressed up in their costumes.

“My favorite part was seeing the excitement my little girl had,” Hagerman said. “She got super excited in the beginning and she had a really good time.”