Guidon Lit hosts “capture spring in an image” contest

Hays High is hosting a “capture spring in an image” contest. In this contest, the submission must capture your idea of the essence of spring.

Your picture must be submitted to the Guidon Literary Magazine. You can find the Guidon Lit on the HHS Guidon site. The prize for first place is a $10 taco shop gift card, second place is a $10 taco shop gift card, and third place will receive McDonald’s coupons.

All submissions will be viewed anonymously for judging.


  1. Image must be submitted to the Guidon Lit. If you image is not submitted here, it will not be considered.
  2. Only one submission is permitted.
  3. You must include your name with your submission so it is able to be judged, but it can be posted as anonymous.
  4. All submissions must be posted by noon on March 23.
  5. Must be original, we will be checking for stolen photos.
  6. Picture must be school appropriate
  7. If you have any questions, contact Anniston Weber at

Rubric for photos:

Assignment – Subject matter satisfies requirements of assignment

Technical – Focus is sharp and clear, grain is not visible.

Composition – One center of interest dominates and attracts the eye (photo is not cluttered), photo is shot from an impactful and appropriate angle.
Cropping – Photo is tightly cropped with unnecessary background removed and emphasis on the center of interest.
Content/Storytelling – Photo shows obvious evidence that the photographer thought about communicating an idea rather than shooting a snapshot.