Valentine’s Day card making contest


Alexis Pfannenstiel

The Hays High Guidon is introducing a Valentine’s Day card creation contest. All submissions must be made by Feb. 28.

“The Guidon” is hosting a contest, asking contestants to submit an original Valentine’s Day card idea. Students are allowed to use any media necessary to complete the card, but are asked to not copyright images or phrases.

There will be three winners. Prizes will be Applebee’s gift cards, first place receiving $30, second place receiving $20, and third receiving $10.

The winners will be chosen by poll placed on “The Guidon” website after all submissions have been reviewed.

The deadline for this contest will be Feb. 28.


Submissions must be sent to the Guidon twitter (@hhsguidon) or emailed to the Editor-in-Chief Allison Hillebrand (, Online Editor-in-Chief Alicia Feyerherm ( or instructor Jessica Augustine (

Submissions must have a name, as to address a winner.

Journalism and Web Team staff are not allowed to participate.

All submissions must be school appropriate (avoiding swear words or other inappropriate content) and avoiding copyright. All submissions will be screened before posting, in order to avoid issues.