Winners announced for Hershey’s kiss contest


Isabelle Braun

The Guidon is hosting a contest asking participants to guess how many Hershey’s kisses are in this jar. The winner will receive a $20 giftcard to Cervs and second place will receive a $10 iTunes giftcard. The contest ends Dec. 19.

The Hershey’s kiss contest asked participants to correctly identify how many kisses were in a jar. The contest ended on Dec. 19, and with a guess of 198, senior Sydney Winter won herself a $20 Cervs gift card. In second place with a guess of 137, freshman Emma Kuhn will receive a $10 iTunes gift card.

“There were only a few people who knew the actual number in the jar,” senior Isabelle Braun said. “The number fluctuated at first because people in newspaper kept eating the kisses, but when Addie counted it the final time she got 201, which the winners were very close to.”

While there were few who participated, Braun hopes in the future contests will intrigue more, creating more competition among students.

“I think it was a good competition,” Braun said. “I hope next years staff will be successful in getting people to engage with us.”