Holiday door decorating competition initiated for seminars


A new competition has popped up between all seminars in hopes of spreading holiday spirit. Meant as a seminar bonding activity as well, students will be required to work together as a team and showcase the artistic talents of students.

Teachers are required to oversee the product, but not to run the whole show.

The doors will be judged on creativity, theme, seasonality. There is a rubric that each teacher should have received that has the exact judging points.

There are few rules but the ones that are posted should be followed strictly.

  1. Doors displayed should be visible to the hallway.
  2. Do not use materials that will damage doors or walls.
  3. No nails may be put into the doors and all adhesives used must be fully removable.
  4. Door handles must remain visible and operational.
  5. Do not use anything that makes noise and is disruptive.
  6. Do not hang above door that can fall on students.
  7. Any participating doors containing material deemed offense will be asked to remove objects.
  8. All participants need to be respectful to each other and behave appropriately.

Paper materials are up for grabs in the library. The idea is to be creative and doors that purchase decorations will not be scored as highly as those that have original, hand-made decor. Bought decorations are able to be used, but the whole door should not consist of them.

Decorating is to begin Dec. 1 and end on Dec. 9. It will be judged on the end day.

Prizes are award to first through third place. First will get movie passes. Second will be rewarded with Jimmy John’s sub cards. Third place comes in with free medium sonic drinks.