Lady Indian swim team take second at home meet, Flavin swims state consideration times



Senior Myranda Berner finishes her 100 yard breast stroke race.

The Lady Indian swimmers finished second place at their home meet on April 22. This performance was a season high for the team.

The meet hosted teams from Holcomb, Dodge City and Junction City.

This meet saw many swimmers dropping time and consistently placing in the top five.

“I think we did well overall,” sophomore Sierra Smith said. “We took second and that’s really big for us because – I know before – the last couple of years the girls haven’t placed. So, being able to take second was very impressive for us.”

Junior Megan Flavin swam state consideration times in the 50 yard freestyle and 100 yard freestyle.

The next meet will be in Great Bend on April 26.

200 Medley Relay – Kaitlyn Christen, Myranda Berner, Megan Flavin, Sierra Smith (2:23.46) 2nd, Hanna Dannar, Caitlin Leiker, Alex Hagerman, Paige Zamecnik (2:45.33) 5th, Hannah Durham, Loganne Ditter, Hannah Harman, Katie Tinkel (2:58.00) 7th

200 Freestyle – Caitlin Leiker (2:55.77) 4th, Alex Hagerman (3:02.86) 6th, Katie Tinkel (3:39.59) 9th

200 Individual Medley –

50 Freestyle – Megan Flavin (28.01) 1st, Sierra Smith (31.36) 6th, Taylor Deines (31.86) 11th, Kaitlyn Christen (33.26), Willow Arnold (35.74), Alora Arnold (36.29), Hanna Dannar (37.21), Thomas Jada (38.87), Madison Holloway (39.25), Gracie Wente (44.73), Rosa Enloe (45.31), Katie Tinkel (45.96)

100 Butterfly – Hannah Harman (1:54.54) 6th

100 Freestyle – Megan Flavin (1:01.82) 1st, Taylor Deines (1:14.15) 5th, Kaitlyn Christen (1:14.32) 6th, Sierra Smith (1:16.26) 7th, Loganne Ditter (1:23.10) 11th, Kayli Potter (1:23.24) 12th, Sydney Wittkorn (1:23.72) 13th, Hannah Durham (1:25.77), Alora Arnold (1:25.77), Madison Holloway (1:28.21), Jada Thomas (1:28.60), Hannah Harman (1:30.67), Rosa Enloe (1:42.16)

500 Freestyle – Caitlin Leiker (8:05.37) 3rd, Myranda Berner (8:21.80) 6th

200 Freestyle Relay – Sierra Smith, Alex Hagerman, Taylor Deines, Megan Flavin (2:08.15) 4th, Hannah Durham, Loganne Ditter, Alora Arnold, Kayli Potter (2:28.40) 7th, Madison Holloway, Paige Beamer, Willow Arnold, Paige Zamecnik (2:29.38), Katie Tinkel, Gracie Wente, Rosa Enloe, Jada Thomas (2:57.44)

100 Backstroke – Hanna Dannar (1:29.92) 1st, Kayli Potter (1:39.80) 3rd, Gracie Wente (2:18.74) 8th

100 Breaststroke –Myranda Berner (1:39.09) 6th, Loganne Ditter (1:42.22) 7th, Alex Hagerman (1:52.01) 8th, Sydney Wittkorn (1:54.17) 9th

400 Freestyle Relay –  Kaitlyn Christen, Hanna Danner, Myranda Berner, Taylor Deines (5:23.72) 3rd, Sydney Wittkorn, Madison Holloway, Alora Arnold, Kayli Potter (5:47.23) 6th, Hannah Harman, Thomas Jada, Paige Beamer, Caitlin Leiker (5:53.65) 8th