Hays swim team takes fifth at home meet


Hope Schumacher

Swim team cheers on junior Carson Ackerman as he finishes the last leg of his race.

The boys swim team competed in their home pool on Jan. 15 for the first time this season. Six teams including Hays attended the meet. Teams included: Garden City, Dodge City, Junction City, Liberal, Hays and Great Bend.

The team overall took fifth place finishing ahead of Great Bend with 223 points. The winner, Garden City, had 587 points.

“I think we did pretty good,” sophomore Treyton Schumacher said. “We are all still consistently improving.”

The team will compete for their third and final time in Salina on Jan. 30.

200 Medley Relay – N/A

200 Freestyle – Carson Ackerman (2:29.97) 7th, Skylar Zimmerman (2:49.28) 13th

200 Individual Medley – N/A

50 Freestyle – Scout Perryman (26.30) 5th, Brett Bowles (26.77) 9th, Alvaro Esnaola (28.55), Chris Isbell (30.80), Treyton Schumacher (33.55), Tate Kaiser (34.83)

100 Butterfly – Dustin Rajewski 9th (1:49.47)

100 Freestyle – Brett Bowles (58.99) 5th, Scout Perryman (59.82) 8th, Carson Ackerman (1:05.31) 12th, Matt Goodale (1:04.75) X, Adam King (1:08.54) X, Alvaro Esnaola (1:09.72) X, Chris Isbell (1:15.14) X

500 Freestyle – N/A

200 Freestyle Relay – Brett Bowles, Marshall Perryman, Matt Goodale, Scout Perryman (1:47.55) 3rd, Alvaro Esnaola, Adam King, Carson Ackerman, Skylar Zimmerman (2:02.27) 9th

100 Backstroke – Marshall Perryman (1:15.24) 4th, Matt Goodale (1:18.59) 6th, Adam King (1:24.64) 8th, Dustin Rajewski (1:47.57) X

100 Breaststroke – Skylar Zimmerman (1:31.05) 9th, Andrew Prine (1:37.04) X

400 Freestyle Relay – Brett Bowles, Marshall Perryman, Matt Goodale, Scout Perryman (4:19.88) 4th, Tate Kaiser, Dustin Rajewski, Chris Goodale, Chris Isbell (5:47.44) 11th