Lady Indians defeat Dodge City Red Demons


Emily George

Lady Indian basketball coach watches as the Indians pull off a win against the Dodge City Red Demons on Jan. 18.

The Lady Indian basketball team beat the Dodge City Red Demons for this first time on Jan. 18 since 2013. The Indians beat the Red Demons in a 55-34 victory.

Sophomore Jaycee Dale led the Indians to the win, being the only player in double figures.

Starting out the first quarter, it looked like the Red Demons had the advantage, but the Indians lit the fire and started on a 17-0 run that would end the second quarter 27-11.

In the second half, the Indians were able to hold the Red Demons scoreless for more than four minutes. The third quarter ended with the Indians up 40-16.

The game would end in a 55-34 win by the Indians that would give them their second win in WAC making them 2-2 and 6-3 overall.

“We pressured very well and they broke it a few times, and thankfully they didn’t shoot the ball real well,” Coach Kirk Maska said. “A lot of girls came in and played a great couple of minutes.”