Current girls basketball roster for 2016

The girls basketball team will start off its season with a varsity game on Dec. 1 at home vs. the Garden City Buffaloes in the first game of the Hays City Shootout.


The current roster for the basketball team is listed below:


Freshman: Macee Altman, Mulu Bannister, Brooke Denning, Judith Isbell, Peyton Niernberger, Tasiah Nunnery, Trinity Quint, Brooklin Robben, Isabel Robben, Madelyn Waddell and Taylor Weidenhaft


Sophomores: Ady Albers, Jaycee Dale, Abigail Dickinson, Madyson Flax, Logan Harris, Mattie Hutchison, Kallie Leiker, Brittani Park, Taylor Schiffelbein and Savannah Schneider


Juniors: Tara Hertel, Mikayla Koerner, Chaylee Lix, Lisa Schoenberger and Macey Steckel


Seniors: Katie Fross, Maddie Keller, Talyn Kleweno and Breanna Park


The coaches this year are head coach Kirk Maska, and assistant coaches are Matt Brooks and Haley Wolf.