Project management contributes greatly to school


Project management is a class where students create many different pieces to help the student body to stay informed.

Students create everything from books to posters.

“Painting is my favorite part,” senior Liecha Cook said. “I like to make signs look interesting.”

Others feel this class has opened up many new opportunities for them.

“I get to use a lot of glitter and I get to socialize with people I usually wouldn’t ever talk to,” senior Olivia Hecker said.

The instructor of this class, Suzanne Stark said her class makes programs for ball games, concerts and any official gatherings.

“We do books for events like the academic awards night and we make signs for anything and everything that happens at our school,” Stark said.

The class has also done projects for outside groups. They made tickets for the Grocery Grab for the Hays Rotary last year.

“We also make all the signs for fire and tornado drills,” Stark said. “We also send out HHS Happenings, the weekly e-mails to parents.”

The class works hard on Homecoming signs for all of the cars.

“This class is always different,” Stark said. “It depends on how many students we have in our class, we have to make it work.”

Senior Raeleann Weigel said the hardest part of this class is meeting deadlines.

“Sometimes we have less than a week to get our projects done,” Weigel said. “But I really like this class and would definitely recommend it. You are always doing something new.”