Seniors Alex Coveney and Emry Lundy share details about their long-term friendship

As each student goes through their own self growth journey throughout elementary, middle and high school, new friends may come in go during the years.
For seniors Alex Coveney and Emry Lundy, they have been able to remain friends since second grade.
“Throughout the years Emry and I’s friendship has evolved as we have grown up,” Coveney said. “Our friendship started as just playing with each other at recess and progressed to us helping each other through life. Whenever one of us has an issue, we can turn to the other and seek advice or a listener.”
Both Coveney and Lundy said their friendship started when they both went to O’Loughlin elementary school and had Mrs. Amy Wasinger for their second and third grade teacher.
“I just remember meeting Emry during one recess and her friend Grace Beaver,” Coveney said. “Grace and Emry were close when I started getting to know them during elementary school and into middle School. After sixth grade, Grace moved to Utah and Emry and I grew closer.”
The move of their third friend, Beaver, allowed them to become develop a deeper connection.
“Now, she is involved in so many aspects of my life,” Lundy said. “We share school, extracurriculars, and down time with one another, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world. Even our younger brothers are becoming friends, which gives us even more of a chance to spend time with one another!”
With being friends for so long, Coveney and Lundy created a friendship that will last years beyond high school.
“I certainly hope that our friendship will remain just as strong,” Lundy said. “We are Best Friends for Ever and Ever, after all. We will both be attending the same college, so staying in touch won’t be as difficult as it could have been, which I am very grateful for.”
As Coveney and Lundy continue to be friends, they continue to learn more and more about and from one another.
“I feel we’ve remained friends for so long because we understand each other,” Coveney said. “We are both similar and are involved in a lot of the same activities so that is definitely one reason why we have remained friends. Another reason is that we lived only a block away from each other from 4th-7th grade so we were able to sleepover at each other’s houses or walk over to a playground nearby and hang out. During our whole friendship we have always been very trusting of each other and made time to meet up. As I said above, we are also good at listening and giving each other advice.”