Despite the term ‘senioritis,’ many students feel lack of motivation

“Senioritis” is a term deemed to high school or college seniors who lack the motivation to do their studies towards the end of the year due to eagerness of graduating. This term has been around as early as the 1950s and is still affecting students’ work effort.

However, despite senioritis being named after seniors, all grades at Hays High School seem to be affected by this lack of motivation at times, as well.

“This year has caused me to burn out so much,” junior Kiley Legleiter said. “I find myself having no motivation at all for school. I always beg to stay home because I feel as if I don’t get enough sleep, so by the end of the school day, all I want to do is go home and sleep.”

However, some teachers disagree that students’ effort has changed and that it stayed even throughout the year.

“I think there are students who turn things in and those who don’t,” science teacher Alan Neal said. “If I were to guess, I would say the percentage of students who turn things in has stayed pretty much the same. I do think there are times when an individual class refuses to turn in assignments, but I don’t see an overall trend.”