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Thirty Years Later, Temple of the Dog Still Impacts Many Lives

Kami Steinle, Staff Reporter March 8, 2021

Music is a timeless piece of history that should never be forgotten. No matter how long ago it was written, it is still relevant now in so many people’s lives. This year marks the 30th anniversary...

Grammy nominated

Students looking for energetic new music should listen to Zayde Wølf

Ryan Schuckman, Staff Reporter March 5, 2021

Zayde Wølf is a songwriter and producer who makes powerful alt-rock music. Although most people do not recognize his name, his music is everywhere. Usually used as backing tracks for videos, his music...

'The Forgotten Book' is forgotten no more

‘The Forgotten Book’ is forgotten no more

Emry Lundy, Copy Editor February 26, 2021

Most of us would love to have everything we have ever wanted to come true, but in “The Forgotten Book” by Mechthild Gläser, Emma Morgenroth learns that one should always be careful what they wish...

THe cover of the Haysopoly boardgame

Staff member reviews ‘Haysopoly’ game

Bradyn Dreher, Staff Reporter February 26, 2021

“Haysopoly” is a Hays-themed “Monopoly” clone. All of the “Monopoly” staples have been adapted to fit Hays. In particular, the Boardwalk area of the typical “Monopoly” board has been changed...

The first episode of

‘Jersey Shore’ provides entertainment despite its debatable reputation

McKena McBride, Assistant Editor February 25, 2021

The 2009 television show “Jersey Shore,” which is available now on Hulu, is more entertaining than one may want to admit. The series begins with eight different individuals who come specifically...

The Superbowl is the highly anticipated championship game for the NFL

Superbowl LV did not live up to its hype

Ryan Schuckman February 18, 2021

The Super Bowl is a major staple of American culture. Sports fans everywhere watch the big game and even people who do not consistently watch sports may tune in for the halftime performance or the commercials....

All American Poster

‘All American’ offers inside look at high school athletes’ lives

Corey Musil, Staff reporter February 15, 2021

The TV show “All American” offers an inside look of what high school students go through in their daily lives. Whether it be anxieties, athletics, music or various other topics, it shows the lows and...

The title screen of Cobra Kai on Netflix

‘Cobra Kai’ offers continuation of ‘Karate Kid’ story

Cade Austin Becker, Staff Reporter February 2, 2021

“Cobra Kai” elicits the feeling of nostalgia, as it outlives its predecessor from the mid-’80s. “Cobra Kai” is a action series that is set in the years after the popular hit, “Karate Kid”...

‘Soul’ leaves audience fascinated

Maysyn Tippy, Entertainment Editor January 26, 2021

Have you ever wondered where your personality, interests, passion, dreams and more come from? The movie “Soul” takes you on a journey from the streets of New York to heavenly realms to discover what...

The Queen of Hearts and Prince John player setup in the board game

‘Villainous’ brings out the Disney villain in players

Emry Lundy, Copy Editor January 22, 2021

Do you have what it takes to be a Disney villain? The board game “Villainous” is the perfect way to find out. “Villainous,” first released by Wonder Forge in late July 2018, has each player...

Year in Review: 2020 Music

Allison Brooks, Multi-Media/Photo Editor January 19, 2021

2020 was a rough year in many aspects, but one area that was not lacking was all the music that came out. Maybe it was all the extra free time musicians had during quarantine or maybe the stars just happened...

'Free State of Jones' thrills viewers

‘Free State of Jones’ thrills viewers

Cade Austin Becker, Staff Reporter December 14, 2020

The war thriller “Free State of Jones” is a thriller like no other. The movie is comprised of a great historical fiction story line that takes place during the American Civil War. Parts of the...

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