Family Studies students lead activities for children


Senior Caleb Johnson and other Family Studies students work with their kids to make bells using tinsel, string and a small bell in teacher Sue Ann Tebo’s room during M1. The groups split into different tables with their kids to make the bells. “Our group is ‘Jingle Bells,’ and so, we’ve made a bunch of Bell decorations,” Johnson said.

For their final project, students in the Family Studies class had to make a creative event for the young kids they work with.

What the students create is entirely up to them, but they were responsible for organizing the entire lesson.

“They have to prepare for the entire Family Studies childcare development lab day, so it’s the whole entire lab that they are required to run,” teacher Sue Ann Tebo said. “They are in charge of everything that happens during that period.”

Senior Robin Dreher made a board game for the kids to teach them about shapes, letters and colors.

“They have [had fun],” Dreher said. “They’ve loved it.”

Senior Caleb Johnson said that his group’s theme for the project was “Jingle Bells,” so, as they were planning, they were going to have the kids create their own jingle bells out of the things the team would bring to the class. They also were going to bring cookies for the kids.

“I think they’ll like the activities because it gives them an opportunity to do just a bunch of stuff that they like,” Johnson said.

The students had to plan and to organize the events for the kids with little to no help from the teacher.

“They’ve been having a lot of fun through that process,” Tebo said.