Students prepare for 2023-2024 school year

Starting on Feb. 17, Hays High School students began the pre-enrollment process for the 2023-2024 school year.

During PRIDE Time, students logged into Xello and started creating a draft of their course schedules for next school year. They selected the required classes first and then picked the electives they wanted.

Once students complete their draft schedules, the counselors will meet with each student individually during GPS periods to check and to finalize their schedules.

For next year, there are some changes in the curriculum. For example, juniors are not required to take Chemistry, but instead, they can choose to take two elective science classes, such as Astronomy, Electronics and Genetics, among other new courses.

Another example of new curriculum is for seniors, as they do not have to take the basic English IV class. Instead, they can take English electives, such as World Literature and the Human Experience, Technical Reading & Writing, Literature & Creative Writing, English Composition I or Oral Communications.

“I am excited about the new classes,” sophomore Samara DeWitt said. “They provide a lot of new and specific things to learn about.”