Leading Musical cast members perform for Hays Optimist Club, promote upcoming show


Caitlin Leiker

Junior Alisara Arial helps sophomore Shirley Lee run through the lyrics to her song before the showcase at the Hays Optimist Club meeting at Whiskey Creek. The performances for this year's musical, "Anything Goes," will be Nov. 14-17.

In order to promote the upcoming musical “Anything Goes,” sophomore Shirley Lee and juniors Alisara Arial, Kai Kaufman, Caitlin Leiker and Gabe McGuire performed for members of the Hays Optimist Club during their meeting at 12 p.m. on Oct. 17 at Whiskey Creek.

As a thank you for the students’ showcase, the Optimist Club donated $200 to the program.

Director Alex Underwood said that “Anything Goes” is a really fun show that will be very entertaining for the audience members.

“It incorporates a lot of zany characters that all have random, funny bits that are really great when you put them all together,” Underwood said. “There’s also some really cool tap dancing that is going to be very impressive once we get it all running smoothly. Plus, it showcases a bunch of different students in a really beautiful way, and I think it very clearly displays the talent that Hays High has to offer.”

This year’s performances will be Nov. 14-17, with Lee performing on Nov. 14 and 16 and Leiker performing on Nov. 15 and 17.

Kaufman said he hopes the community will come and witness the full-fledged production.

“After being at rehearsals every day, I can tell you that there’s been a lot of work put into the show,” Kaufman said. “Without people to appreciate it, it feels like there’s no point. We just want to create something and give it back to the people. The audience is what really makes the show, and you can’t have fun without others being there to share the great experience.”