2019 Musical cast list for ‘Anything Goes’ announced 

This years musical will be doing the 1987 version of 'Anything Goes'. The musical performance is scheduled to be on Nov 14-17.

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This years musical will be doing the 1987 version of ‘Anything Goes’. The musical performance is scheduled to be on Nov 14-17.

Musical director Alex Underwood posted the cast list for this year’s musical, “Anything Goes,” after school on Sept. 13.  

Around 45 students auditioned, and the performance dates are scheduled for Nov. 14-17.  

Underwood said the musical will offer a new set of challenges this year.  

“It is such an old show that the style of acting is very different than modern contemporary realism, so that is going to be interesting,” Underwood said. “The other thing is the amount of tap dancing that has to happen for the showWe are putting every single cast member in tap shoes for at least one of the numbers. It is going to be really awesome once everybody gets it put together.” 

The cast list for this year’s show is as follows: 

Reno Sweeney – sophomore Shirley Lee and junior Caitlin Leiker  

Hope Harcourt – junior Alisara Arial  

Evangeline Harcourt – senior Katelyn Engel  

Lord Evelyn Oakleigh – junior Tom Drabkin 

Elisha Whitney – junior Andrew Duke  

Billy Crocker – junior Gabe McGuire  

Moonface Martin – junior Kai Kaufman 

Erma – senior Hanna Dannar 

Luc – junior Alexis White 

Jean – sophomore Matthew Bollig  

Captain – junior Ashley Vilaysing 

Purser – senior Sierra Adkins  

Dance Ensemble:  

Purity – junior Anna Brull 

Chastity – senior MarieLyn Castaing  

Charity – freshman Jessica Leiker  

Virtue – freshman Savanna Lawson  

Sailor 1 – senior Nathan Leiker (dance captain in charge of rehearsals w/o choreographer) 

Sailor 2 – sophomore Alex Flavin  

Sailor 3 – sophomore Sydney Wittkorn 

Sailor 4 – sophomore Stanna Flinn 

Principle Ensemble:  

Fred – senior Mulu Bannister  

Henry T. Dobson – sophomore Carson Brooksher 

Newspaper Photographer – junior Zachary Chance 

Reporter – sophomore Tegan Hartman  

FBI Agent 1 – sophomore Samantha Vesper 

FBI Agent 2 – sophomore Jocelyn Rigler 

Old Lady in a Wheelchair – junior Eliana Buller 

Singing Sailor 1 – freshman Seth Tripp  

Singing Sailor 2 – sophomore Alex Johnson  

Singing Sailor 3 – senior Nathan Leiker  

Singing Sailor 4 – freshman Quinton McGuire 


Freshman Elizabeth Dickman 

Freshman Michaela Dickman  

Freshman Devlyn Jochum  

Sophomore Emry Lundy  

Sophomore Macy Meyers 

Freshman Spenser Mills 

Sophomore Summer Schneider 

Sophomore Gracie Wente 


Freshman Aidan Gregory  

Sophomore Gabe Nichols  

“I’m really looking forward to this musical because I think it fits our students really well,” Underwood said. “I’m excited to watch them tackle the show.