Musical cast working hard to be performance ready


Courtesy Photo

The musical cast listening to their choreographer.

The cast of the musical “The Bright Star” is at 12th Street Auditorium on Nov. 8-11.

Sophomore Gabe McGuire worries that the cast is not on track at this moment in time.

“The new director Alex (Underwood) is having a learning experience as much as everyone else has,” McGuire said. “We’ve gotten a little behind, especially in the dance numbers, but I think we’ll be fine.”

Sophomore Caitlin Leiker would agree there is certainly more work to be done, and that the show must go on.

“There are definitely some huge obstacles to overcome, but I think we can do it,” Leiker said. “We don’t have any other choice then to get out there and be the best we can be.”

Cast members have agreed that there have been many difficulties during this year’s musical.

“The most difficult thing I’ve had to do this musical is to really get to know my character,” senior Cade Swayne said. “I’ve had to go deep within the goals of my character this year.”

Cast members said that they have been enjoying their time in musical, though it isn’t without its flaws.

“My least favorite part of Musical has been the lack of free time, besides that it’s been wonderful,” sophomore Eythun Wyatt said.

Nonetheless, the cast is confident that they will be ready in three weeks when they have their first show for the year.

Tickets for “The Bright Star” are being sold now and at the door for $11 each. You can book your tickets at

“I feel like the cast is on track and ready to perform on time,” sophomore Alexis White said. “We have had a lot of practices and I can tell that the cast is really dedicated in making this musical a great one.”