Musical cast list announced

The musical cast list was announced Friday Sept. 14.

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The musical cast list was announced Friday Sept. 14.

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Musical Director Alex Underwood announced the fall musical, Bright Star’s, cast Friday, Sept. 14.

The cast list is as follows, in order of appearance:

Alice Murphy- sophomore Caitlin Leiker

Billy Cane- sophomore Gabe McGuire

Daddy Cane/Ensemble- junior Nathan Leiker

Margo- senior Rebecca Anderson

Max/Ensemble- sophomore Tom Drabkin

Florence/Ensemble- sophomore Alisara Arial

Edna/Ensemble- senior Katie Vaughn

Daryl- senior Zac Wyse

Lucy- junior Kate Engel

Mama Murphy- senior Hannah McGuire

Daddy Murphy/Ensemble- senior Garrett Cole

Mayor Dobbs- sophomore Andrew Duke

Jimmy Ray Dobbs- senior Cade Swayne

Stanford/Ensemble- senior Brett Bowles

Dr. Norquist- senior Scout Perryman

Government Clerk/Ensemble- senior Madison Lisman

Well-Dressed Woman/Ensemble- freshman Shirley Lee-Jones

Train Conductor/Ensemble- sophomore Eythun Wyatt

Spirit 1/Ensemble- junior Sierra Adkins

Spirit 2/Ensemble- sophomore Eliana Buller

Spirit 3/Ensemble- junior Hanna Dannar


Junior Marie-Lyn Caisting

Freshman Ashton Koerner

Dance Ensemble:

Sophomore Allison Shubert

Sophomore Kaitlyn Christen


Freshman Alora Arnold

Freshman Matthew Bollig

Freshman Elizabeth Dickman

Freshman Sydney Fagan

Freshman Alex Flavin

Freshman Stanna Flinn

Freshman Tegan Kelly Hartman

Junior Ethan Klausmeyer

Junior Brandi Lang

Freshman Emry Lundy

Junior Kenia Macias

Freshman Macy Meyers

Senior Brittani Park

Freshman Jocelyn Rigler

Junior Kari Satomi

Sophomore Kayson Unsworth

Sophomore Ashley Vilaysing

Sophomore Alexis White

Freshman Sydney Wittkorn

Sophomore Elijah Zimmerman

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