State Trooper Tod Hileman speaks on safe driving


Jacob Maska

Junior Coby Braun attempts to drive a race car in and out of cones while wearing vision impairing goggles.

On Friday, April 5 State Trooper Tod Hileman came to share his knowledge on driving safety with students during an assembly that took place in seminar.

The assembly started off with Student Council throwing t-shirts and water bottles into the crowd and then having students volunteer to play a few games.

The games consisted of trying to complete tasks while wearing vision impairing goggles that made things look like what your vision would be if you were under the influence.

After the games Hileman presented a PowerPoint that covered topics like the importance of wearing a seat belt and how dangerous distracted driving is.

“When people look at their phone while driving the minimum amount of time that takes is five seconds,” Hileman said. “If you are driving 55mph that five seconds is the length of a football field.”

Hileman then showed footage of car crashes where the people involved weren’t wearing seat belts to show how dangerous that can be.

State Troopers have a goal to keep everyone on the road protected and two of the main ways to do that are by wearing a seat belt and staying off your phone while driving.

“I just want you guys to understand how important we take our job to protect you,” Hileman said.