Forensics team holds informational meeting

On Thursday, Nov. 19 in the Lecture Hall, the forensics team had a meeting to begin its season by helping students prepare for competitions.

“I am most excited about reading a prose because I love dramatic reading,” sophomore Devlyn Jochum said. “However, the team may end up doing one scene of a play, which would be fun, too.”

Another member, sophomore Kaley Rajewski, agreed with Jochum.

“I’m just excited that we are able to do it this year with COVID 19,” Rajewski said. “Also, I’m excited for the competitions.”

This year, due to COVID, the team has had to undergo multiple changes, like how the competitions will be done.

“The competitions will be done over Zoom,” Rajewski said. “We will have more categories than we did last year because of COVID and the lack of being in person.”

Also, any students doing an Impromptu Duet Act [IDA] will have to maintain six feet between the two actors.

Students recommend forensics for many reasons, including that it is just fun, it builds confidence and it can help create friendships.

“I would recommend forensics to others because it is a great way to get better at public speaking and breaking out of your shell,” Jochum said. “There are many different categories you can compete in, and it is designed to allow the student to be creative.”