International Day celebrates cultures within school


Hays High hosted its first International Day on Wednesday, Feb. 16 from 1:15 p.m. to 3 p.m. in Gym A and the Commons area. This event showcased the countries from which students in the school have ancestors and several additional locations.

Gym A allowed students and teachers to tour through tables dedicated to a variety of different countries as the Hays High orchestra played several pieces from different countries. Each table had board with information about the country and people, places and celebrations that students or teachers had expressed interest in.

“I wish I filled out the survey so All Hollow’s Eve would be on the America station,” senior CJ Denny said.

Some tables also had photos, trinkets, clothing, jewelry, books or candy from their respective countries.

“The candy being given out were fantastic, except one, which I decided to forget because it was, unfortunately, quite awful in my opinion,” Denny said.

The hallway contained posters that participants could add to with an inked hand or fingerprint and tables of traditional foods.

“Every food that was prepared tasted delicious,” Denny said. “I didn’t understand why anybody thought of some of the foods, but I am happy they exist. Also, the Turkish delights were delicious.”

There were also printed “passports” that asked questions about various topics. Once a page was completed, participants in the event could mark it with a sticker and their initials, and once the passport was completed, it could be turned in for extra credit. However, few students completed the passports and turned them in.

“I realized how much travelling I want to do and learned a lot about history of other people,” Denny said. “I walked around with a couple friends to enjoy the efforts of all those who were involved with bringing excitement and fun that day.”