Staff celebrates the 50th day of school

Hays High principal Martin Straub celebrated the 50th day of school last week for faculty and staff.

The 50th day of school took place on Friday, Nov. 6.

Straub celebrated by having a drawing in which all faculty and staff could participate. There were a total of 72 prize winners. Staff and faculty also had a breakfast of fruit and donuts.

“It’s important to recognize success, and to be in school for this many consecutive days needed to be celebrated,” Straub said. “I am unaware of another Kansas high school our size that has been able to pull this off.”

Straub wanted to show that the challenges and hard work of kids, families, teachers and staff has been worth it to stay in school.

“Being in school with all of our teachers and students is best for all,” Straub said. “I hope COVID continues to be manageable in our school environment, and we can make it to 100 days… 150 days… 170 days… end of school!”

Straub said he is proud of the effort that all staff members have taken to provide instruction under these stressful times.

“To provide Zoom access into classes while teachers are providing face-to-face instruction adds to the workload of our teachers,” Straub said. “Temperature taking, hand washing, surface cleaning, distancing, mask patrolling, etc. are all added preventative measures that fall on our teachers, and we’re tremendously proud of their ‘stick-to-it-ness.’”

One prize winner, who claimed a Hays High Appreciation T-shirt, was business and technology instructor Lindsay Hart.

“I feel like we all have worked so hard to stay in school that it was important to celebrate this milestone,” Hart said. “Recognizing our 50th day of school and stopping to appreciate what we do have at HHS was important.”

Another prize winner was history instructor Jennifer Klaus, who won a Hays High soccer hoodie.

“Fifty full days of being in school has been fantastic, and it’s truly due to all of us at HHS doing our part to stay in school,” Klaus said. “It hasn’t been easy, and I KNOW without a doubt all are tired of the restrictions, but eventually they will fade, and this will be ‘history’… I always tell my students that ‘they are history in the making,’ and 2020 is going down in the books for sure!”