First Spring Play practice takes place


Jacob Maska

Mr. Gilbreth, played by senior Calvin Duden, lectures his children.

This year’s first Spring Play practice took place after school on Jan. 9 at 12th Street Auditorium, and the performances will take place there March 7-9.

While there have been a few obstacles regarding the placement and movement of the actors, the first few practices have run fairly smoothly.

Spring Play director Bill Gasper said that blocking can be frustrating as things never quite work out the way you plan it on paper.

“As the actors become more familiar with their lines and quit looking at their books, things will start to flow and they will begin doing things that appear more natural and realistic,” Gasper said.

This is senior Rebecca Anderson’s second year in Play, and she said the first practice was better than she thought it would be.

She’s most excited for her significant amount of stage time this year, not to mention the freshmen talent joining the program.

“They are really fun to be around because they have the interest in acting just like everyone else in the cast,” Anderson said.

Gasper said from what he’s seen so far, the freshmen are going to be a positive addition to the cast.

“They are following directions really well and are blending in with the more experienced members of the cast,” Gasper said. “Overall, I am very pleased with the cast and am looking forward to watching individual actors grow into their parts.”

Senior Gabriela Arthur liked acting since she was a child, and she took Forensics her freshman year, but this is her first time being a part of Spring Play.

For students who want to improve their acting skills but think that Musical would be too much to handle, she said that Play is the perfect opportunity.

Arthur said that even if you don’t get cast the first or second time, keep trying.

“It’s a lot of fun, and if you’re thinking about it, it’s better to try out sooner than later,” Arthur said. “I wish I had.”

One thing that Gasper looks forward to every year is seeing the initial raw product turn into a polished show, and is  confident that this will turn out to be a very good and entertaining production.

“It’s both sentimental and humorous as it discusses the ups and downs of a real-life family that is striving for efficiency through ‘scientific management,’” Gasper said. “We learn that it is more than just making the most of time we have, it’s about saving time for the things we love. I’m looking forward to bringing it to the 12th Street Auditorium stage.”