Students sign up for Spring Play at informational meeting


Allison Hillebrand

The Spring Play informational meeting was held on Dec. 3 in the Lecture Hall. 29 students signed up at the meeting.

The opportunity for students to try out for the Spring Play, “Cheaper By The Dozen,” is approaching rapidly and director Bill Gasper is preparing auditions.

On Dec. 12 and Dec. 13, auditions will take place, although practices will not begin until the second semester.

At the Spring Play meeting during seminar on Dec. 3, 29 students signed up to audition, while more still have the chance to add their names to the list.

Students signing up may choose whether they would like a part on stage or a job in the crew.

Gasper handed out papers at the meeting to introduce the play and provide sheets for students and parents to sign and return.

“The script isn’t the strongest, it was taken from a book,” Gasper said during the meeting. “We will probably have to change and add lines to make it work.”

Along with script changes, characters also may be adapted to fit student personalities, gender and physique.

“The feature is a cast of 16,” Gasper said. “The show right now is a cast of nine men and seven women. I cannot have a bunch of 6 ft boys playing a 10-year-old.”

The packet given to the interested students listed requirements for students, such as practices.

To fit the time period of the play, the boys were also asked if they would be willing to cut their hair. Girls were asked to not have colored hair.

The designated week for the play takes place the same week as the student led parent teacher conferences.

Due to upcoming events in the weeks surrounding Spring Play, Gasper encouraged his auditionees to not be involved in activities that would distract from the play practice and performance times.

“We already have a lot of conflict that week,” Gasper said. “I would rather students be honest now than to wait and tell me before a practice.”