Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership informational meeting to take place on Oct. 29


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Juniors Madeline Lohmeyer and Emily Goetz attended Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) during the summer of 2018. Sophomores can attend the meeting on Oct. 29 to find out more about the leadership opportunity.

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) is a leadership seminar taking place during the summer for incoming juniors and those interested in attending the program may attend an informational meeting taking place on Oct. 29 during seminar in room 103.

“They stay at K-State May 31 through June 3,” counselor Suellyn Stenger said. “It really helps them to learn what a true leader is. It isn’t a guarantee, but students who want to be on the Hays High Leadership Team are recommended.”

At the seminar, students are grouped with kids who were sent from schools all over the state, and they participate in numerous leadership building activities such as a three panels where they are given time to question leadership in different aspects of the world.

“They (Students) need to attend the meeting, and Hays High School can take two students,” Stenger said. “Hays Optimist Club will pay for half of the fee, and the student is responsible for the other half of the fee, which would be $112.50.”

If more than two students would like to attend, they are asked to write a short essay about why they should be selected to attend, and then the three counselors decide on who to send. This last year, juniors Emily Goetz and Madeline Lohmeyer attended.

“I think it is such a great opportunity to meet people who are in Kansas, to learn leadership skills, and to make yourself more outgoing,” Lohmeyer said. “I loved it. I got to meet so many great friends and learn so many new things.”