Fall benefit concert proves successful


McKena McBride

Vocal director Alex Underwood conducting Chamber Singers during the Fall Concert

Tribe Broadcasting

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Chamber Singers raised $890 so far for the JED Foundation during their concert at 7 p.m. on Oct. 15th at Beach/Schmidt Performing Arts Center. Additional donations will be accepted until Friday.

Vocal director Alex Underwood thought that the concert was a success on every count.

“Chamber Singers sang so well and they were all intensely committed to what this concert was about,” Underwood said. “I could not be more proud. Concert Choir gave a personal best performance tonight – I learned what they could actually do, which was refreshing.”

Dr. Gina Smith, the director of the Kelly Center at Fort Hays State University, also spoke about how the JED Foundation has reached out to them, along with 3,000 other colleges and universities, with resources on how to help students dealing with mental health barriers.

“Gina Smith thought the program was amazing and just raved about it,” Underwood said. “She was thrilled to be involved.”

Audience members agreed that the concert was a good balance between being professional and laid back while still getting the important point across.

“It was a very good and enlightening experience for all the people that came to the concert,” audience member Brian Pfannenstiel said.

Audience member Mary Vilaysing loved how the Chamber Singers were in charge of the concert.

“I love how it was all the choir,” Vilaysing said. “It was the students’ voices, it wasn’t the teachers’. It was all a great idea.”

Audience member Mae Moore wished that there had been a notice further in advance so more people would know it was a benefit concert before they arrived.

Nonetheless, she said that the theme for the concert portrayed the reality of what victims of bullying go through, and that there were times when she held back tears.

“I think our message was strong and impacted our audiences,” Underwood said. “I think the money we raised for the JED Foundation was powerful and I can’t wait to hear their response when we send them the check.”