Grab-and-Go Breakfast Cart offers convenient breakfast options for students


Isabelle Braun

Senior Peyton Thorrel grabs breakfast from the Grab-and-Go Breakfast Cart before school. The cart runs 7:25 to 7:51 every morning.

Students will now be able to easily grab breakfast between 7:25 a.m. and 7:51 a.m. from the Grab-and-Go Breakfast Cart.

The cart will be by the library on maroon days and in the commons area on gold days. Each morning different breakfast foods will be available for students. Some options will include bagels, muffins, sausage biscuits and granola bars.

This project started part-way through last school year after the numbers of people eating school breakfast went down. The project and funding were finalized this summer.

“On a typical day last year, less than 30 of 840 students were eating school breakfast,” Director of Nutrition Services Jessica Younker said. “In a survey done many years ago, students indicated they were not eating breakfast at school or at home, due to lack of time in the morning. Last summer Mr. Straub and I started throwing around ideas to improve our breakfast and make it easier for all students to have something to eat before the school day starts.”

To purchase something from the Grab-and-Go food cart, all students have to do is swipe their ID card or type in their number.

“It is good that students eat breakfast, so we thought if we could make it more convenient, a student who wants to sleep 20 minutes longer will just grab something off the cart before class,” principal Martin Straub said. “If the demand is high enough, a second cart could be added in the future.”

Breakfast from the food cart costs $1.70 to students who pay full priced lunches. If a students pays for reduced lunches, breakfast is only $0.30, and students who receive lunches also receive free breakfast. Normal breakfast will also run every morning in the cafeteria.

“We are here to serve the students the best we can for both breakfast and lunch, and making breakfast more convenient for students will benefit them in more ways than one,” Younker said. “Students can charge the meal to their account, regardless of whether it puts you negative or not. Breakfast is just that important.”