Students compete at regional journalism


Bill Gasper

Everyone in the picture above qualified for state competition.

Students participated in the regional journalism competition held at the Fort Hays State University Student Union on Feb. 22. Participants competed in different writing and photography events for yearbook and newspaper.

Sophomore Allison Hillebrand competed in yearbook copy writing.

“Yearbook copy writing is like writing an article for our online newspaper,” sophomore Allison Hillebrand said. “They give you information and you have to write a 250-word story over the information that you get.”

Sophomore Madison Weber competed in copy editing and news writing.

“With copy editing, I have to go through a story and pick out some errors in it,” Weber said. “For news writing, it’s basically what I do on a daily basis. I write articles.”

In addition to competing in sports writing for both yearbook and newspaper, junior Jacob Maska competed in sports photo journalism.

“For sports photography, they give me a prompt of something they want to see in the photo and I display that,” Maska said. “If they wanted me to display speed, I’d take a picture of someone sprinting.”

Entries for photography events were submitted before the competition.

Senior Elizabeth Lee and junior Scout Perryman competed in cartoon drawing.

“Regional journalism is a lot of fun,” Lee said. “You’d think it’d be really challenging and stressful to have to draw a cartoon in the given time limit, but I really enjoyed it.”