Indian football falls to Valley Center on homecoming night

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Indian football falls to Valley Center on homecoming night

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Following a week full of spirit leading to Homecoming, the Indians capped the week off, hosting a homecoming football game against the Valley Center Hornets. The Hornets shut down the pep, beating the Indians 20-6. The Indians and Hornets have only played one another twice, once in 1995 during the playoffs, and Sept 30.

In the first quarter, the scoreboard was empty, and not leaning in either teams favor.

Junior Logan Clark missed his field goal to keep the scoreboard scoreless.

Later in the game, senior Freddy Haines made a hard tackle, which led to him not able to get back up. Haines was carried off the field on a backboard.

This injury brought out many emotions in the Indians, getting them hyped up and ready. Senior Collyn Kreuzter ranked in his second interception of the season, bringing the ball into field goal range for the Indians. Clark kicked a career long 38-yard field goal, giving the Indians a 3-0 lead.

The Hornets fumbled on their next drive, but the Indians weren’t able to make anything of it. The Hornets were able to score their first touchdown of the game with 24 seconds left in the half, making the score 7-3.

The Hornets started the second half action off throwing an interception picked off by senior Xavier Dandurand. The interception still wasn’t enough to score the Indians a touchdown, but the Hornets were able to. The Hornets took the ball into the endzone, putting the Hornets, up 17-6.

The Hornets ended the game with a 19-yard field goal, to make the final score 20-6.

Indians drop to 1-4 on the season, and are looking ahead to Oct. 7 when they play Dodge City for their final game before district competition.