Tennis player expresses her passion for the sport

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Tennis player expresses her passion for the sport

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Junior Brooke Forinash has made it to state tennis this year for the second time in her high school career.

Forinash has been playing tennis ever since she was a little girl. Forinash’s dad got her interested and involved in tennis, and he coached her when she was younger.

Forinash loves playing the sport, and says her dad is the one who inspires her to play it.

“Tennis is a break from everyday life,” Forinash said. “It’s like an escape for me. When I play it’s the only thing on my mind.”

Forinash’s favorite part of tennis is the feeling she gets when she wins, however she is nervous for competing at state this year.

“I want to do better than I did last year,” Forinash said.

Forinash plans on playing tennis in college.

“If I was offered the chance to play in college, I would love to,” Forinash said.