National Honors Society Officers Announced


by Brianna Mathias

Hays High Guidon

The National Honors Society officers were announced last Friday. The president is senior Tristan Callis, the Vice-President is senior Mattie Schlaefli, the secretary is senior Summer Smith and senior Sydney Vahling is the treasurer.

The president expressed his excitement and concerns with his new position.

“I am excited to be the President of the June Reynolds Chapter of the National Honor Society,” Callis said. “I really didn’t expect to be president, because the students in the society are all really bright, so for the people to vote for me was really quite an honor.”

Callis said that as a president, he will most likely help lead the induction meeting for the newcomers and attend certain meetings. Schlaefli said that as vice president, her duties are to conduct NHS meetings and help in inductions.

“My role as Secretary is to take notes over what we did and discussed during meetings,” Smith said.

Callis worked hard in order to obtain this title.

“At the beginning of my junior year, I worked really hard to being in the National Honor Society by getting my volunteer hours in and making sure I had leadership as an attribute,” Callis said. “I also tried to keep my grades high.”

According to Callis, in order to become an NHS officer one must be a responsible person, and having a reputation for being a good influence to people. The NHS votes on who will take these offices.

“We all voted on people for the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer,” Callis said. “The person who we thought fit these roles best were voted to that position.”

The officers all seem very honored to be elected to their roles.

“I feel very honored to be elected as an NHS officer and to represent the HHS NHS chapter,” Smith said. “I think it’s a very prestigious thing to be a part of.”