Lady Indian softball, 3-1 for Easter Break games


Jacob Maska

Junior Madelyn Waddell on first being congratulated by coach on first.

The Hays High School Indian softball team played two games over Easter break. The first game was against Great Bend on April 19 where it split winning the first game and losing the second game. Then the team took on Abilene on April 22 and won both games 4-3 for the first game and 8-0 for the second.

In the first game against Great Bend, the Panthers scored first and put three runs in, in the first inning. Then the Indians tied it up with scoring three runs in the second inning, then adding another one in the third.

Throughout the game, the Indians 12 hits and two errors, while the Panthers and six hits and no errors.

Senior Jaysa Wichers was at the mound for the Indians, and she had five strikeouts, one walk.

In the second game, the Panther scored one in the first inning, one in the fourth and three in the fifth while the Indians were scoreless.

The Indians had five hits and one error, while the Panthers had 10 hits and one error.

Wichers was at the mound again and for this game she had four strikeouts and one walk.

For the first game against Abilene, the Cowgirls scored first in the first inning, then the Indians scored three in the third and Abilene added one in this inning too. Then they both scored one in the fourth inning.

In this game the Indians had seven hits and four errors, while the Cowgirls had seven hits and no errors.

Wichers pitched this game too and she had seven strikeouts and two walks.

The second game against Abilene, the Indians struck out early scoring three in the first inning, then two in the third, one in the fourth, and two in the sixth. The Cowgirls went scoreless.

The Lady Indians had 11 hits, and committed four errors while the Cowgirls had four this and one error.

Wichers for this game have five strikeouts and one walk.

The Indians are 6-4 to start off their season and will be playing on April 15 to take on TMP and Sacred Heart.