Boys soccer ends in a loss to Andover Central in State Quarterfinals


Bill Gasper

The 2017 boys soccer team

The Indians winning season comes to an end with a 4-0 loss to Andover Central in a cold matchup in the State Quarterfinals.

Andover Central got an early goal in the 11th minute taking a 1-0 lead but neither team connecting for the rest of the half.

“One early mistake, kind of playing an uphill battle for the rest of the game,” coach Silas Hibbs said.

The Indians changed formations late in the second half to attack the goal but left the defense vulnerable to counters. Andover Central capitalized with counters in the last 15 minutes of the game bringing the score to 4-0.

“With 15 minutes left you kind of have to make a decision as a coach to push numbers up and get forward to try to get the equalizer,” Hibbs said. “It kind of backfired, and we went down two, but at that point, you have to push even harder forward, and at the end of the day anyone who watched that game knows it’s not a 4-0 game.”

The Indians season ended with a record of 12-7 as well as brought home the first Regional Championship in 15 years.

Hibbs went on to talk about how proud he was of all his seniors and how he had seen them grow not only as players but also as men. Coach Hibbs and the Indians soccer team will look to next year’s season for another run, but the preparation starts now.

“It starts now with the Jacob Maska’s, Trey McCrae’s, Teget’s and the juniors,” Hibbs said. “It starts with those guys taking this feeling that they feel right now and using it as motivation to get in the weight room and touches on the ball between now and next August.”