Mens basketball kicks off season with tryouts

Tryouts for the mens basketball team kicked off the season with three days of practices in the mornings and in the evenings before cuts were made.

“I think tryouts went really well,” sophomore Trey McCrae said. “I thought the drills we did tested our strengths ad weakness.”

McCrae said that he thought the easiest part of the tryouts was conditioning and the hardest was the defensive drills.

“The main thing I focus on at practice is just try hard and play hard and try to do everything the coach wants me to do,” McCrae said.

Tryouts are practices to test your abilities and see if you can perform under pressure and hustle on every play.

“I thought tryout went very well and I think that everyone worked hard,” Senior Shane Berens said.

Berens said that he thought the toughest part was getting through the two-a-days, and there isn’t really a particularly easy part.

“At practice the main thing I focus on getting better and making my teammates better each practice,” Berens said.