Pep assembly recognizes fall and winter sports


Morgan Engel

Cheerleaders perform during the pep assembly in front of students.

On Thursday, Dec. 2, Hays High held its first indoor pep assembly in around two years. The assembly, which was held in Gym A, recognized the success of the fall sports teams and the beginning of the winter sports season.

Each coach had the opportunity to speak briefly about their program and athletes. The drumline, which plays at basketball games on occasion, was able to play while students walked into the gym. Additionally, the cheerleaders performed a routine for the student body.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions in the previous years, this pep assembly was the first one that sophomores and freshman were able to attend. However, for the upperclassmen, a return to assemblies and singing the alma mater was welcome once again.

“It’s nice to see all the school spirit that Hays High holds,” senior Connor Jacobs said.