Jana’s Campaign teaches freshman Health classes about domestic violence


On Wednesday, Nov. 3 and Thursday, Nov. 4, Jana’s Campaign met with instructor Haley Wolf’s freshman Health classes to promote awareness about unhealthy relationships.

This presentation was mostly a review for the freshmen, since they participated in another presentation about domestic violence at the beginning of the year. However, the review can be helpful even if the information is not new.

“I think a lot of adults don’t realize the problems that teenagers can face in terms of relationships,” Wolf said. “It’s important for young people to learn to differentiate between healthy relationships and unhealthy relationships.”

Speaker Kaiti Dinges educated the students about healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors and how intervene when they see unhealthy behaviors occurring. Dinges has been educating students about domestic violence for three years.

Dinges used interactive activities to keep students focused on the topic. Activities included having the students make a poster listing different types of abuse and healthy alternatives and watching a video that showed students how to identify unhealthy relationships and spot red flags.

“My favorite part of the presentation was the interactive activities,” freshman Emmaline Leuschner said. “Those really helped me be engaged with the topic.”