Student Council Decoration Committee prepares for Homecoming

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, the Student Council Decoration Committee met in the Lecture Hall to brainstorm ideas about beautifying the school for Homecoming.

The meeting was very productive due to a lot of creative input from members. By the end of the meeting, they had a layout of all the ideas and plans for decorating.

“Hearing everyone’s great ideas and seeing people getting involved is my favorite part of Decoration Committee,” senior Jersey Johnson, who is the StuCo Social Media Liaison, said.

The Decoration Committee is not only in charge of decorating the gym for Homecoming and the assembly, but they also decorate the Commons, hallways and the display cases.

This year’s theme is “There’s no place like Homecoming,” which is a Wizard of Oz theme.

Coming up with ideas for decorations can be difficult.

“The hardest part about being in the Decorations Committee is trying to find ideas that not only we like, but that the whole school will enjoy,” Johnson said. “It has to be very creative and unique while also being appealing to the people who will enjoy the decorations.”

This year, StuCo is focused on team responsibility. Instead of putting all the responsibility on the executive officers, they want everyone to be involved and participate in Homecoming. StuCo even has mandatory meetings for its members to help decorate to boost participation.

A StuCo lock-in will be held Friday, Oct. 8 to help put up decorations. This event will be open to everyone, and not just StuCo members.