Two students chosen as candidates for Kansas Governor’s Scholars program

Every year, the top academic one percent of high school seniors in Kansas are awarded by the Kansas Governor’s Scholars program.

These students have the chance to apply for a scholarship meant for only Governor’s Scholars if they so choose.

The two students chosen to be candidates for this program from Hays High this year are seniors Andrew Duke and Alicia Feyerherm. Though the recipients have not been announced, Duke said he assumes they will both be officially announced as Governor’s Scholars.

“This title will almost definitely open up some more opportunities for me, if only in that it looks good on a resume,” Duke said.

Duke said he would be excited if he is announced as a Governor’s Scholar.

“If I do get announced as a Governor’s Scholar, I’m going to be pretty excited,” Duke said. “I’ve gotten some very cool awards in the past, but this kind of state-sponsored recognition is very new and interesting.”

Feyerherm said she was very excited to hear she was a candidate and did not realize that opportunity was available.

“I plan on pursuing the scholarship opportunity,” Feyerherm said. “I know I probably won’t receive the scholarship, but you never know unless you tried.”