Talent show auditions take place during PRIDE time


Allison Brooks

Senior Derrick Aragon and junior Eythun Wyatt perform in front of the panel of judges for the talent show auditions.

Talent show auditions took place on Monday, Dec. 16 and Tuesday, Dec. 17 to determine who will perform at the Student Council talent show on Jan. 15 during PRIDE Time.

This year, nine different acts were selected to compete, including senior Derrick Aragon and junior Eythun Wyatt, who sang a song together.

Wyatt performed in the talent show last year and got first place, but this is Aragon’s first year competing. However, Aragon said he was not nervous.

“I wasn’t nervous,” Aragon said. “I was quite excited to be acting a fool with my buddy Eythun.”

Aragon also said he is excited to perform in front of his peers and he hopes people enjoy their act.

“I look forward to entertaining the people of Hays High,” Aragon said.

Having a school talent show is long-standing tradition at this school, and many students look forward to watching their peers in it every year.

“I like the talent show because I get to see all the different kinds of performances, and I find it very enjoyable,” junior Grace Desbien.