Leadership Team works with freshmen on resumes


Michaela Austin

During PRIDE Time, school counselor Suellyn Stenger talks to the freshman and Leadership Team about what the plans are for this month's activity. The freshmen talked about goals and worked on resumes through Career Cruising during this month's activity.

The Leadership Team met with the freshmen for the third activity of the school year during PRIDE Time on Nov. 7 to work on resumes in Career Cruising.  

Once all thefreshmen made it to Gym A and met with their leaders, the group split into smaller groups in different areas of the building to make it easier to talk to the freshmen and help them on their resumes.  

The first thing the freshmen and Leadership Team talked about was goals. The groups talked about both short-term goals and long-term goals, such as getting involved with activities, GPA, honor roll, getting a college degree and more.  

Once the groups were done talking about their goals, they started working on the resumes. They used Career Cruising to help create the resume. 

The information that you could put in the resumes includes education history, work experience, volunteer experience, awards and certificates, extracurricular activities, hobbies and interests, and skills and abilities.  

“The freshmen that I was talking to listened to me very well and was actually wanting to make good conversation, which was really fun,” junior Alisara Arial said.