Seniors earn scholarship opportunities through Dane G. Hansen test

A total of 48 seniors took the Dane G. Hansen scholarship test during school on Sept. 11 in the Eagle Communications Hall in the Robbins Center at Fort Hays State University. 

 The Hansen test is meant to measure a student’s general knowledge in Language Arts, History, Science, Math, Fine Arts, Current Events and more.  

The test incorporates multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank and short answer questions. Students are also asked to write two essays, one of which being an autobiography. Students must also provide a resume and transcript on test day.  

In order to prepare, students are encouraged to review chapter summaries from these topics and to keep up on the latest current issues around the world. 

After the test, student scores are ranked among test takers from the other 26 counties that are eligible for the scholarships.   

Students who qualify for the test are then invited for an interview at the Hansen Foundation, but they won’t receive their callbacks until midDecember. 

There are 160 in-state scholarships ranging from $8,000 to $40,000 that are awarded based on the score each student gets 

Last year, 26 students received a Hansen scholarship for an approximate total of $350,000. 

Counselor Troy Dale said the test is something for students to take advantage of if they plan to attend college in Kansas. 

“Students should take the Hansen test for the possible opportunities that arise from the scholarship assistance,” Dale said. 

Students who took the Dane G. Hansen test compared it to trivia, due to the wide variety of information that made them feel like the test was impossible to study for.  

Senior Megan Flavin said that learning enough about the different topics was what she struggled with the most. 

“I found that it was much more difficult than the ACT, because I have never taken a mandated test with Social Studies,” Flavin said. “It was also difficult to write 2 essays with the time limit.” 

Senior Allison Hillebrand said that she recommends other students take the test if they plan to attend college in Kansas. 

“It is an incredible opportunity,” Hillebrand said. “If you’re one of the lucky few who gets an interview, it would really benefit your resume.”