Students tackle the ACT


Isabelle Braun

Students checking in to take the ACT.

Juniors and seniors took the American College Test (ACT) on Wednesday, Feb. 20 and the ACT WorkKeys on Thursday, Feb. 21.

The ACT WorkKeys test measures eight work place skills, while the ACT test is a national college admissions examination that consists of tests in four subject areas.

“I took the WorkKeys test because I thought maybe it would help in some sort of way,” Junior Dylan Warner said.

Warner did the practice tests on the ACT website and felt it helped him feel more prepared.

“I though it was over stuff I haven’t already learned but it was actually things I’ve learned through the past couple of years,” Warner said.

Junior Nickolas “Joji” Backman said he was worried about the time limit on the test.

“It was surprising how little time there was,” Backman said. “I heard that I could have a minute to think for each question but in all honesty, I had to guess for the entire last page on two sections of the test.”

Both Backman and Warner said there’s a chance they will take the test again in attempt to get a better score.

“If I can get a chance to get a possibly better score, I’m taking it,” Backman said.